20ft Container with
Easy Open Doors


The 20' Easy Open Doors container allows for access from one end and has a small footprint for your convenience. These units are in lIke new or new condition. Our 20ft cargo boxes offer NEW FEATURES not available on most, including Easy Open Doors, an ultra secure slim lock box, Zerk fittings on the door hinges for greasing, and an extra SECURA cam/keeper for added security!

Why buy a used container that has transported goods back and forth across the seas for 10-12 years before being retired, destined to leak from being dented and dinged over and over? Yes, there are a lot of cheap, used containers out there—just look at all the other guys trying to sell them! Before you buy one, just realize you're really buying an ongoing maintenance project that will cost you more money in the end. Where is the value in that? At XS CARGO, we offer practically maintenance-free containers for just a little more than used.

We even offer a limited 10 YEAR WARRANTY!

Colors  Beige, Gray


•  Ultra secure slim lock box
•  Easy opening "Granny Bar" doors

•  Zerk fittings on door hinges for greasing

•  Extra SECURA cam/keeper for added security


Residential Applications

•  Home Remodels

•  Construction Projects

•  Car or Boat Storage

•  Farming or Hunting Equipment Storage

•  Tool Storage

•  Personal Storage

Commercial Applications

•  Construction Yard Equipment Storage

•  School Yard Equipment Storage

•  Inventory Overflow

•  File or Record Storage

•  Hazardous Material Storage

•  Fire Department Storage


Exterior Length: 20'

Width: 8'

Height: 8'6"

Interior Length: 19'5"

Width: 7'8"

Height: 7' 9-7/8"

Door Opening Width: 7'8"

Height: 7'5"